Indira Global Study Center (IGSC) in collaboration with Germany’s largest private university FOM is launching two Master of Science in Marketing & Digital Communication and Big Data & Business Analytics. The guiding philosophy of the institute throughout has been creation of technical expertise, influencing new practices and integrates globally. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge. My own experience of working with individual students is vast, so I can guarantee that the students with whom my team work will begin to recognize that they understand and learn much more quickly and effectively through the personal attention provided.

You will have access to an expert from industries who actually knows to teach even the most challenging concepts and those in other subjects and disciplines. No matter what a student’s level in a particular subject is, let us show you how to think, understand, learn and present your ideas logically so that you too can begin to learn in the most efficient and effective way possible. No matter what your learning style or what you perceive to be your learning difficulty, we are here to do whatever it takes to help you to achieve success. Since I believe in three things in life CONFIDENCE, TRUST, HOPE .

Welcome you & wish you all good luck for your future.

Dr. Rupa Hiremath,
Indira Global Study Center(IGSC), Pune